In the beginning there was a great and infinite void in the Universe. Only God and emptiness reigned. God, being omnipotent, planned the Creation of the Universe from nothingness and from God's Creation of the first Atom, eventually arose the first Adam.

Eventually, the pinnacle of God's Creation, human flesh and the human soul utilized its wonderful God-given intellect to fashion other gods and worship false gods, the most evil of which was the god of money. Today money rules humankind. Instead of ethical decisions based upon God's desires for humankind, men and women and the money driven corporations which govern their lives, make decisions based upon short-term profits at the long-term expense of the future of humankind.

Even our Churches are driven by the desire to obtain great wealth, much of which is derived from profits made from the plunder of Planet Eden. Priests, preachers, and Rabbis, turn a blind eye to the source of their revenue, and become silent, even when God would have them teach stewardship of God's Creation.

Money rules and God is forced to take a back seat in the Churches of America and around the world. How difficult it must be for Him to watch as those who sing songs of praise to His name and to that of His Son Jesus Christ, greedily embrace those who fill the collection plates with money squeezed from the blood of the Earth!

Return to the worship of God and respect for the free gifts which He has given to us to conserve and protect for all generations. Stop the worship of money for the sake of more and more money at the expense of integrity, morality, ethics, and the salvation of your very souls; for the love of money is the root of all evil.

If you have made your money in any unethical way, it is not too late to repent and be saved. If you have been taking financial advantage of other people in a way which would not please God, STOP NOW!!! If you have made your money from clear-cutting God's forests, destroying God's atmosphere, polluting God's waters, or otherwise plundering Creation, STOP NOW !!!

Send us your ill-gotten gains so that we may restore the damage you have done. You will then be blessed, and if you ask, forgiven for your past transgressions.

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